Best Shoes for Standing on Concrete All Day

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Where can you find the best shoes for standing on concrete all day? This is usually one of the major concerns raised by hard-working men and women who have to stand all day for work.

Standing on hard surfaces like concrete is usually part of the job. However, standing all day can cause many negative effects not just on the foot but also on the whole body. Finding a good pair of shoes with extra padding of cushion and good arch support, will help prevent work-related injuries caused by too much standing on the job.

Runners have special requirements when it comes to buying shoes, because extra support and cushioning is required to counteract the impact from heel strike. People who walk considerable distances during the day, on the other hand, rarely need to worry about whether their shoes provide extra protection. However, there is an exception to this, if you will be mostly standing on concrete. Spending long periods on your feet can become uncomfortable or even trigger foot problems, particularly if you are walking and standing on very hard surfaces.  Tennis shoes with  thick soles are recommended if your job allows to wear them because they provide a lot of cushioning. So here are our selections of the best shoes with arch support and a lot of cushning. These brands all offer a range of shoes, which incorporate extra features to keep your feet comfortable and healthy.


Recommended Best Shoes for Standing on Concrete All Day


1. Dansko Pro XP 

Dansko is known for creating shoes that are comfortable for all-day wear. In fact, they are famous for making best shoes for doctors, nurses and chefs and are recommended for professionals who have to stand on concrete for long periods of time. Dansko shoes are crafted with foot health in mind, and come with an arch support, heel cup, wider toe box, and a polypropylene inner frame that offers lateral stability and reduces torque.

Dansko Pro XP  For Women Clog

Dansko Pro XP women

If you are looking for comfortable shoes for standing on hard floor, then you might want to check out this footwear. It has a removable footbed that accommodates orthotics so that you can customize the level of comfort and support. The sole is also APMA certified to give you major all-day comfort in any conditions.  They are available in various colors including white color. They also offer slip resistant outsole to oil and water. The upper leather is easy to clean. They are one of the recommended shoes for hospital workers including doctors and nurses. They are also used by chefs and restaurant workers. They are lighter in weight than stapled clogs. They are of the recommended shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Dansko Pro XP For Men Clog

Standing on your feet all day long is unavoidable when you’re a chef or a nurse. You’ll be busy going to and fro and these shoes will give you a comfort and arch support that you’ve not had in other shoes. These shoes are the ideal solution for tired achy feet. These shoes are one of the best shoes day in and day out. They are slip resistant and come with wide toe box.  They are available for wide feet. They come with memory foam which is removable to fit orthotics


 2. Crocs Shoes

Crocs have been a favorite of many for years. Go to any hospital and look at feet and chances are you’ll see a lot of crocs on the staffs feet. Crocs provide an extra measure of comfort to tired achy feet with their massaging insole that is built right in.

Women’s Mercy Work Clog

This shoe is perfectly designed for those who work long shifts on their feet. Many  hospital workers including doctors and nurses love them. They are without holes and closed back and easy to clean.  They are tested to be antimicrobial and slip-resistant, making them good for those who work at damp areas and kitchens such as chefs and servers. This footwear also comes with the Crocs’ signature foot bead that messages each step.  They are approved by APMA.  They are odorless, easy to clean and provide a lot of cushioning and arch support.



Crocs Unisex Rx Clog

If you’re suffering from bunions, plantar fasciitis or your feet are prone to other conditions, then these are the shoes for you. They may take a bit of getting used to as they feel kind of sloppy after wearing regular shoes, but in time these will be the ones that sit by the door at the ready for those nights you’re on call. Crocs are by and far the absolute best shoes for standing on concrete. Reasonably priced no shoe wardrobe is complete without at least one pair of these unisex 1003 relief crocs.


3. SAS Shoes

SAS Time Out Men’s Shoes

These comfortable shoes are expensive, but provide you with good cushioning. If you’re job requires you to do a lot of standing or walking these shoes are the ideal for your needs. You will also have great relief from back and knee or ankle pain with these shoes which is an extra bonus for workers who are suffering from back or knee injuries but still required to work standing all day.


If your job requires standing on concrete these shoes will also help to ease some of the stress in your calf area. Teachers who do a lot of standing will find these shoes comfortable all day long.

SAS Women’s FreeTime comfort shoe

Comfortable shoes can make all the difference in your energy throughout the day. No need to sacrifice style for comfort with SAS Free Time Women’s Shoes. These shoes will provide you with that all day long comfort. You’ll find that you have more energy and stamina when using these shoes over other brands of shoes. Ideal for sales persons, walkers or someone who is on and off of their feet all day long. Your feet will feel massaged and comforted throughout your workday.


4. Birkenstock Shoes

Birkenstocks have a reputation that speaks for itself. Chefs and nurses often prefer Birkenstocks to any other shoe. With a solid reputation for comfort and price, these shoes deliver exactly what they say they do on a daily basis. Comfort and style give these shoes an edge over many other brands and they help to ease the tension that can develop in the calf and other areas of the foot that can develop over the course of time when you’re standing on your feet so long.

Birkenstock London Clog- chef and nurses 

Birkenstock London Clog is one of the most popular shoes used among chefs and nurses.  It has slip resistant outsole and offers good arch support with absorbent cork midsole. The suede-lined footbed makes it comfortable and shock absorbant for standing and walking all day.  The footbed has moulded heal and moulded arch that provides stability and maximum support.

Birkenstock Arizona Unisex Soft Footbed Sandal

Birkenstock  Arizona Soft Footbed Unisex Sandal offers shock absorbing midsole, and moulded soft footbed helps your body weight to be distributed evenly on the sole.  These shoes are very comfortable and are available at Amazon at a great price. They are available in various colors.  They run wide and has excellent arch support and cushing that helps in releiving foot pain.


5. Rockport Walking Shoe

Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe

These walking shoes are reasonably priced for any budget and senior citizens will find them easily within their budgets. Available in a variety of sizes and widths there is something for everyone in Rockport Men’s Euroka Walking Shoe’s. If you’re going to do a lot of walking you’ll love these shoes. Gentle insoles massage and caress your feet and you’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud.


6. Timberland Shoes

Timberland PRO Meurice Shoe

These are the best shoes for standing on concrete day in and day out. You’ll be able to avoid injury and blisters when you wear such comfortable shoes while working. Arches will be fully supported and your lower back will thank you for taking such great care of it. So many hospitals and kitchens are built upon concrete that your feet begin to ache just a short time into your shift. You’ll find these shoes ease that discomfort and give you more stamina and energy all day.

Timberland Women’s Renova work shoe

These shoes even thought of student nurses. If you’re looking for a comfortable, stylish slip on, then these are the shoes for you. Whether you’re a chef, a sales person, a nurse or professor, you’ll find these shoes provide you with all day long comfort even on those days that seem to never end. Reasonable pricing make these hit among the various professions that choose them for their everyday go to shoes. Getting used to being on your feet all day long won’t seem like such a challenge when you put a pair of these shoes on.



 7. Sketchers Shoes


Skechers Women’s Premium-Premix Slip-On Sneaker


If you are a nurse and work long hours on concrete floor and nee casual, slip on shoes, then these shoes are for you.  They provide good arch support and come without shoe laces.  They are easy to clean.  They are made for nurses in mind.  it has EVA midsole which provides great cushioning.  These shoes have high instep and people with high arches and plantar fasciitis feel comfortable wearing them.  The price is reasoable as compared to other nurse shoes.


Skechers for Work Men’s Rockland Systemic Lace-Up


These shoes are very popular among chefs and yhose who work in slippery environment.  The outsole is slip resistant and midsole is cushioned for shock absorption.  Footbed insole is removable and you can replace insoles if you need more arch support.  The price is reasonable at Amazon.


8. Insoles


Superfeet Insoles are very popular now a days.  They have Superfeet Green Premium Insoles for normal to high arches and they are good for plantar fasciitis.  Superfeet Black Premium Insoles and Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles are for flat feet or fallen arches. There are many shoes that offer removable footbed.  If you have a pair of shoes with removeable insoles, then you can try replacing the insoles and save money.

Footminders Orthotic Arch Support Insoles 

Aside from purchasing and looking for the best  and comfortable shoes, you might also want to check out these orthotic insoles. They offer firm foot arch support and cushioning to alleviate pain in the foot due to flat feet and plantar fasciitis. Designed for runners and workers, these insoles have an extra-deep heel cup for excellent ankle stability. Most of all you can use them in any sports shoes or work boots, so there is no need for you to purchase a new pair of shoes.


Problems Faced When You Stand on Concrete All Day

The ill effects of standing on concrete all day can be seen and felt right away. Some of these include inflamed and or tender arches, blisters on the toes, sore muscles, and low back pain.

There are also long-term negative effects of standing all day. These can be soft tissue injuries such as knee problems, bunions, plantar fasciitis, stretched Achilles tendons, and restricted blood flow.

In fact, recent studies show that standing on concrete and hard surfaces all day can increase the risk pre-term delivery to pregnant women.

Standing long hours all day can also force workers to stand in awkward positions. People who are always standing and walking will overuse muscles and damage tendons and ligaments. Standing still can also reduce blood floor which will cause the swelling of the legs, ankles, and feet.


Advice on Finding the Best Work Shoes

In looking for comfortable shoes, it is important that you check some properties of the footwear. Due to advanced technology, shoes are now made for people who are always walking or standing on their feet all day. These are some of tips that you might find helpful when looking for the best shoes for walking and standing on concrete.

Extra Padded Shoes

You may need to shell out extra dollars for high-quality extra padded shoes, but they can be great investments. After all, one of the benefits of wearing comfortable shoes for work is that they increase productivity and overall happiness.


Look for shoes that have arch supports to eliminate pressure. There are also shoes that have a shock-absorbing cushioned material that reduces the pressure produced on the foot as you stand on cement.

Shoe Inserts

For those who are looking for a more budget-friendly alternative, you can try purchasing shoe insert, usually available in local stores. Dr. Scholl’s gel insoles for example are made for those  people who stand at work most of the day but they do not want to purchase new shoes. These products are a budget-friendly way to eliminate sole, back, arch and knee pain. Most of all they are easy to use.

Orthotic Insoles

These are developed by podiatrists and can effectively offer relief on any stain in the arches, heels and balls of your feet. Orthotics such as Footminders biomechanical insoles are made of high-quality materials and will offer enough cushioning to help your feet withstand the pressures of standing on concrete.

Safety Shoes

If your work requires extra protection on your feet, then you might need safety shoes. These shoes offer additional protection to your feet by having sturdy steel toe caps built into the footwear. However, ill-fitting safety footwear can cause more damage on your foot, so it is important that look for safety shoes that fit you well so you can work comfortably all day.

What Shoes to Avoid When Standing on Concrete All Day

On times when you are expected to stand  all day, wearing high heels should be avoided. Heels do not offer ample support for prolonged standing and will put an extreme amount of pressure on the ankles, balls of the feet, knees and spinal cord. Heels that are 2 inches or higher can also force the body forward and the buttocks back which will cause women to tense up and lean slightly back just to balance the body. This can result in knee and back problems, shortened calf muscles, and increased chances of falling.

On the other hand, shoes that have thin soles such as dress flats, flip-flops and deck shoes can also do much harm. Flat shoes do not offer any support on the arch which will cause pain and possible injury due to prolonged standing.

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